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However, in evaluating the contents of government policy and strategy, it is more meaningful to consider the status of ‘official’ documents as socially constructed entities. That withstanding, documents are subject to multiple interpretations both temporally and spatially. For this chapter, a more qualitative, discourse analysis of strategy and policy documents was undertaken, taking into consideration the distinctive political and economic context of Singapore at the time of their publication. When considered alongside the views of the elite interviewees – the ‘local interactional context’ (Flick, 1999, p. 198) – a more thorough evaluation of strategic rhetoric and local realities can be accessed.

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Hogg’s first ten years in the entertainment business were with Disney, initially in Australia, and later in Hong Kong, with multiple different roles spanning home entertainment, acquisitions, licensing and theatrical distribution. In 2002 he relocated to Singapore, initially to head up Disney and Sony’s then existing joint venture theatrical distribution operation. The Disney-Sony joint venture in Southeast Asia was ended in mid-2017 with Sony, under Hogg, setting up standalone distribution companies in The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. • The role of sports and arts events in making Singapore into a global player for the events sector. • The perception of events and festivities in the tourism product of Singapore now and in the future.

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This material is intended to be of general interest only and should not be construed as individual investment advice or a recommendation or solicitation to buy, sell or hold any security or to adopt any investment strategy. In fact, domestic demand is generally the bigger economic driver in emerging Asia and also in some other regions—and could help insulate some of these countries from external shocks. This shift toward a more domestic orientation has been going on in China in particular for quite some time, fueled by improved education, rising wages and higher productivity. Other emerging-market countries have seen a similar shift, with entertainment and leisure activities benefiting, along with areas of conspicuous consumption.

Moving forward, there will be new hubs throughout Asia and the Middle East that will report to Sony Music’s New York-based corporate leadership. Partnered withAsia Digital Entertainment Summit,who are determined to shine a light on the future of the digital entertainment industry, AIXR members receive a 10% discount on tickets to attend the show. Hero and Sarinah are two of the better-known stores, and feature an excellent stock of goods at reasonable prices. This is the best place to look if you crave food from home or need certain skin or hair care products. Every town of any size has at least one market featuring fresh fruit and vegetables, live fish and chickens, arts and crafts shops, clothing stores, and food stalls, or warungs.

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Driven by its agencies of economic development, the Singaporean state has engaged in a place-competitive re-imaging strategy intended to produce a ‘vibrant global city that is abuzz with high quality entertainment and events’ . To further emphasise the strategic importance of this flagship event to the city, the STB has made a commitment to fund 60% of the costs from a Tourism Development Fund, complementing private investments. This represents an example of public and private growth coalitions working in tandem to showcase an area’s unique facilities and attractions, as a means of gaining valuable coverage in the global media complex. However, in recent years, Singapore has also sought to exploit its popularity as a travel destination, even in the face of the SARS crisis early in the new millennium.

  • Saturday night is the big “date night.” All the couples, or pacaran, cruise the main boulevards on their motor scooters and have dinner, see a movie or two, and get wild at the local discos.
  • These events can also give others the impression that a city has an achievement and entrepreneurial orientation, informing potential suitors (e.g. investors) that political leaders are enterprising .
  • Increasing employment of youth has resulted in rising demand for the entertainment sector.
  • Fung joined SME in 1991 and has held various roles throughout SME Asia and Australia including Managing Director, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan and South Korea.
  • Being an orang bulan (a nickname for foreigners, translated as “moon person”), you’ll stand out and will have a group of inquisitive Indonesians surrounding you in no time at all.
  • This is Cambodia’s top party island where the drinks are cheap and the nights are raucous – and where the all new Full Moon Party resides .

In recent campaigns, Singapore has been labelled a ‘global arts city’, ‘uniquely Singapore’, an ‘eventful city’ and, most recently, the ‘Events and Entertainment Capital of Asia’. It is the final label, the Events and Entertainment Capital of Asia that will occupy our attention in the remainder of this chapter. This response was also repeated in interviews with the cultural agencies and with representatives of the STB. Singapore is often described as a ‘hub’ for a variety of business and travel processes, but it is now striving to exploit its events and entertainment offering to gain recognition as a tourism destination in its own right rather than as a stopover on the journey to Australia. In the intensely competitive Asian region, Singapore is adopting a strategy of urban entrepreneurialism, competitiveness and growth .

To support the digital entertainment industry at this important moment in its development, Duxes will host the Asia Digital Entertainment Summit & Awards Ceremony from November 5-6, 2020 in Beijing. In this example, decisions over the support for specific sports events are made on the basis of commercial appeal and not national participation targets. This reflects the dominance of neoliberal entrepreneurial strategies and their impact on other public stakeholders within the Singaporean context. The Singapore Sports Council interviewee indicated a tension between the needs of the sports development agenda and the economic imperatives underpinning the international events strategy.

entertainment in asia

Data from third party sources may have been used in the preparation of this material and Franklin Templeton (“FT”) has not independently verified, validated or audited such data. FT accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss arising from use of this information and reliance upon the comments opinions and analyses in the material is at the sole discretion of the user. Today, the market for art is larger in China than the United Sates, with all the major auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s (in addition to China’s homegrown auction houses) attracting multimillion-dollar prices for both Western and Asian art. Nur-Sultan’s gleaming Opera House stages excellent performances by global opera and ballet companies, as well as Universal Ballet, chamber-orchestra concerts and more. This smart exhibition space hosts a wide variety of events and rotating exhibits, and the Georgian restaurant on the second-floor terrace makes a great spot to grab a drink or dinner.

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Hit up Pham Ngu Lao when the sun starts to fade, as the evening comes the place becomes alive with a mix of locals, expats and travellers all sinking cheap beers at the roadside cafés. Be sure to grab a little grub too, it’s tasty and it will line that stomach in preparation for the night’s celebrations (I know eating’s cheating, but they who eat smart, stand last… that didn’t quite work, did it?). From the beach bars with their fire shows to the mini-clubs on the hostel strip, all fuelled by cheap beers and infamous ‘buckets’, you’ll be able to find all you need. Forget Kuala Lumpur and definitely leave Penang well alone, if you’re looking for a proper party in Malaysia, this little island is it. During the sunlight hours it’s all about relaxing on some of the most perfect beaches you’re ever likely to see , while in the evening things get a little crazy.